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Meet Our Awesome Team

David Sanders

My name is David Sanders. I came to Indonesia on December 24, 1989 on an assignment to Jln. Matraman, Jakarta

Rizky Hanjani Putri

Hi I am Rizki Hanjani Putri but you can call me Ms. Putri. I was born a long time ago in Jakarta. I have graduated from the state University of Jambi, majoring in English Literature. I really like reading, eating and watching movies.

Deasy Agathia

My name is Deasy Agathia. I’m an English teacher. I was born on December 14. Sagitarius is my zodiac sign. I live in Bekasi.

Irlan Fernando

Hi! My name is Irlan Fernando. You can call me Mr. Fernando. I was born in Depok 24 years ago and I have graduated from university.

Sri Rahayu Retnaningtyas

Hello, my name is Sri Rahayu Retna Ningtyas. I was born in Jakarta in August 1977. I am graduated from the State University of Jakarta.

Windi Yuliana

Hi, my name is Windi Yuliana, you can call me Ms. Windi. I was born in Bekasi. Black & white is my favourite colours. I like watching drama movies, listening to music

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