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Home Study Courses

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Join FBI home study! You can study English on your mobile with:

  • Instagram video chat,

  • a flip course book, and

  • fun digital quizzes



  1. Pay for a multiple choice placement test. This will tell us the level for your course.
  2. Pay for 1 CALENDAR month to get a flip book and password for doing fun quizzes.
  3. We then give you flip book homework.
  4. You send back by DM-ing photos of it.
  5. Next you video/audio chat with a teacher for feedback and prepare for a new task.
  6. Later you take a test based on your book.
  7. After 3 months, if your 2 tests have a score of at least 60%, you get a certificate.
  8. You go up 1 level and start a new course.



  1. For now, home study is for teens and adults.
  2. Chats available 12.20-19.20 Jakarta Time.
  3. Each video/audio chat is up to 20 minutes.
  4. Each chat is at least one day apart. If you chat on Monday you can't chat on Tuesday. You wait until Wednesday at the earliest.
  5. No chats on Weekends and Indonesian public holidays.
  6. You have to start the chat yourself.
  7. Chat always at the same time if possible.
  8. You chat at o'clock, or 20 or 40 minutes after o'clock. For e.g. at 13.00, or 13.20 or 13.40.
  9. Text (DM) messages are sent at any time.



Your Multiple Choice Placement Test is Rp160,000 (or about US $11.25) and your Course Fee, for 1 calendar month, is Rp 540,000 ( or about US $37.91).


So... don't wait too long..... click the REGISTER NOW button on top now ! SEE YOU ....




Ikutan Home Study di FBI pastinya .... belajar lengkap 3-in-1 : Buku, Conversation dengan pengajar via WA, PLUS latihan listening, reading, grammar dan vocabulary di website FBI.

Jangan ditunda lagi ..... hubungi WA FBI di 0813 8330 6840.

Keep learning with fun and staying save at home.... smile



TOEFL & TOEIC Prediction Tests

FBI menyediakan test prediction TOEFL PBT (Paper-Based Test) & TOEIC yang dapat diakses secara on-line di website FBI. Anda tidak harus datang ke FBI karena sertifikat akan dikirim ke alamat Anda.

Caranya mudah: Daftarkan nama & alamat Anda pada wa-chat FBI dan tuliskan test apa dipilih. Kami akan memberitahu biaya yang wajib ditransfer. Setelah transfer diterima, kami akan kirimkan password untuk mengakses test prediction tersebut. Jawaban Anda akan terkirim secara otomatis sehingga kami dapat segera menyiapkan sertifikat dan mengirimkannya ke alamat Anda.

Apabila Anda ingin mengikuti test International TOEFL, TOEIC dan IELTS, berikut ini adalah alamat official test centre nya di Jakarta:


International Test Center

Plaza Central Lt. 17

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 47

Jakarta 12930

Telp : 021 - 571 1943, fax : 021 - 571 1944

email: info@itc-indonesia.com, education@itc-indonesia.com

website : www.itc-indonesia.com, www.ets.org/toefl



IALF Jakarta

Plaza Kuningan, Menara Selatan, Lt. 3

Jl. Rasuna Said Kav. C 11-14

Jakarta 12940

Telp : 021 - 521 3350

email: ialfjkt@ialf.edu

website: www.ialf.edu/ieltsschedule.php



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